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Alexander the Great on the Web (by Tim Spalding)
An extensive list of resources about Alexander the Great. (by Andrew Smith)
Detailed lists of events and sources for the history of the Hellenistic world and the Roman republic. It includes links to online translations of many of the sources, as well as new translations of some works which have not previously been easily available in English.
Commodity Prices in Babylon 384 - 61 BC (by Robartus J. van der Spek)
The edition and analysis of the prices of food and wool, as recorded in the so-called Astronomical Diaries. Published on a website of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam.
Corax - A Classic Hypersite (by John T. Kirby)
Internet resources for classical studies.
Egyptian Royal Genealogy (by C. J. Bennett)
An excellent annotated genealogy of the Ptolemies with a lot of information about later Seleukids.
ETANA (a cooperative project of a consortium of scholarly societies and universities)
An electronic publishing project for the study of the history and culture of the ancient Near East. It contains ABZU, a guide to information related to the study of the ancient Near East on the Web.
The Genealogy of the Seleucids (by Alex McAuley)
Genealogy of the Dynasty based on ancient literary evidence, numismatics, epigraphic remains, and contemporary scholarship.
Hellenica - Ancient Greece / Science and Technology (by Michael Lahanas)
A lot of information, pictures and links. Part of Michael Lahanas’ Home Page.
KLEIÓ (by Josef Landergott; in Czech)
Detailed chronography of ancient history from 776 BC to 1 AD. (by Jona Lendering)
Articles on ancient history. It also contains translations of Babylonian Chronicles by Irving L. Finkel and Robartus J. van der Spek. (by Edward C. D. Hopkins)
Parthian culture, geography, history, art and coins. (by Oliver D. Hoover)
An online sourcebook for the history, numismatics, epigraphy, art and archaeology of the Seleukid Empire.
The Perseus Digital Library (ed. Gregory R. Crane)
Web site of the Perseus Project (a digital library of resources for the study of the humanities). See also Mirror of Selected Perseus Texts (part of Cultural Heritage Language Technologies website). (ed. Anne Mahoney and Ross Scaife)
The consortium for electronic publication in the Classics.
World Wide Web Sites Relating to the Ancient Mediterranean (by K. C. Hanson)
An extensive list of useful links. Part of K. C. Hanson’s Home Page.


Electronic Editions of Historical Books

Bevan, Edwyn R.: The House of Ptolemy (by Bill Thayer)
London, 1927.
Bevan, Edwyn R.: The House of Ptolemy (by
London, 1927.
Bevan, Edwyn R.: The House of Seleucus (by
London, 1902.
Bikerman, E. J.: Institutions des Séleucides (Russian translation by L. M. Gluskinoj; presented by Valerij Ivanov)
Paris, 1938 (Russian edition: Moscow, 1985).